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From the Board Room: Policies 127, 301 series, 308, 306.1, 412

Per policy, every month a number of policies are reviewed and updated at the monthly board meeting. As part of this effort, SCEC is undertaking a format change to all policies to add consistency and streamline our policies. Where policy changes are beyond formatting and streamlining, a short summary of the policy is provided in the newsletter to update members. Policies reviewed at the Sept. 5 board meeting were:

  • Policy 127 - Tobacco Free Environment: Expanded from a No Smoking policy on SCEC premises to a tobacco free environment.
  • Policies 301, 301.2, 301.4, 301.6, 301.7, 301.8 & 308: Updated to reflect new Daily Fixed Charge.
  • Policy 306.1: EV Charging Station: Hours of charging for Electric Vehicles changed to all hours Sunday-Saturday except 2-9 p.m. Monday-Friday.
  • Policy 412 - Director Elections: Modified to comply with 2019 Bylaw changes regarding Director Nominations and Elections.
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