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Project Integration (meters)

Beginning in December 2015, Chapman Metering, of Avoca, Iowa, began changing out all meters on the Co-op's system. The project was two years in the making after learning from the former meter manufacturer they were no longer manufacturing a module for the old meters. Now that Project Integration is complete, the dynamic Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) will:

  • Give members more information regarding their electric use.
  • Aid SCEC in successfully resolving usage or high-voltage complaints.
  • Be secure. SCEC can only read overall electric use by members. The Co-op has no way of knowing what appliances/devices are on at any given time of the day.
  • Report power outages and aid crews in more efficiently locating the cause of an outage and restoring power.
  • Eliminate the need for manual, on-site meter readings by SCEC.
  • Detect meter tampering and high temperature, and automatically notify SCEC of any issues.
  • Allow for more consistent billing cycles, as well as expedited service when an account is transferred to another member.
  • In the future, allow members the option of pre-paid billing.

A document of "Frequently Asked Questions" has been put together by SCEC staff for members. Questions may also be directed to SCEC at 715-796-7000.

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