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Right-of-Way (ROW) Maintenance

Trees and vegetation interfering or growing too close to power lines (in the utility "right-of-way") can create a multitude of inconvenient and dangerous situations, including damage to equipment or vegetation, blinking lights, fire threat, power outages and safety threat to the general public. Plant and tree growth also create an easy route to the lines and equipment for children and wildlife who do not understand the potential danger of the lines.

St. Croix Electric Cooperative is 1/7th owner in Badger Unified Cooperative Services (BUCS) and, as a result, has a crew dedicated to inspect and maintain every mile of electric overhead lines in the SCEC service area (approximately 850 square miles). Because the Cooperative is required by federal law to keep the lines free of interference from trees and vegetation, BUCS will trim or remove existing trees and vegetation growing within 10 feet of overhead lines. This is called Right-of-Way (ROW) Maintenance.

In addition, no plants or landscaping (incluing retaining walls and fences) may be installed within 12 feet of the front of ground utility equipment (the side with the lock on the big green boxes in yards) and four feet on the remaining three sides.

The year after BUCS completes mechanical trimming in a Township, 4Control, Inc. (Menomonie) follows up with herbicide applications in areas underneath powerlines and around poles to help control growth until BUCS returns to the area.

Any time an approved contractor is working, members in the area are mailed letters detailing the work to be completed
prior to the contractor transitioning into the area. Questions? Send the Cooperative an email or call 715-796-7000.


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