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Winter Preparedness Test for Interruptible Heat

Some residential SCEC members on load control programs for electric heat (primarily baseboard, plenum heaters and cove heaters) with backup (usually some sort of fossil fuel or wood) will be affected by this Dairyland Power Cooperative announcement:

Winter Preparedness Test for Interruptible Heat (Dual Fuel) Members is scheduled for this Wednesday, November 20th.  This load control test is performed in advance of the winter Full Load Control season to ensure member familiarity with the control sequence and to ensure that backup heating systems have been validated for proper function. 

During the test, residential Interruptible Heat load classes (2, 2W, & 4B) will be controlled as follows: 


Control Status

5:00 pm

Control start

5:05 pm

All loads interrupted (2,2W,4B)

8:30 pm

Class 4B loads restored

9:00 pm

Class 2 and 2W loads begin diversified restoral

10:00 pm

Class 2 and 2W loads fully restored

Control status is viewable at

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